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Foundation Underpinning

In construction, underpinning is a specialized process of lowering, strengthening or stabilizing the foundation of an existing building or other structure. Often, in built-up areas like New York City, the scope includes extending the foundation of an existing structure to a deeper elevation, combining principles of shoring, load transfer, and foundation stability to accommodate new construction adjacent to the site with deeper excavation than the existing building.

Deep Foundation Underpinning for new Hotel in mid town Manhattan.

Foundation Underpinning

In some cases the existing foundation has settled or shifted at certain points, and in other cases the interior configuration has been changed, resulting in the removal or change of load-bearing walls. Foundation Underpinning can improve the bearing capacities of existing buildings experiencing settlement and strengthen existing foundations to allow additional loading, and, in some cases, provide extra basement space under existing buildings.

Typical forms and components of the Foundation Underpinning process which we specialize in at Bronzino Engineer, P.C are:

It should be noted that each foundation underpinning project is unique and should be designed by a professional engineer. Bronzino Engineering, P.C. has over 10 years experience in the Design and Special Inspection Services associated with Foundation Underpinning throughout the New York City Area, and we can proved the engineering necessary for your project. Please contact us at 631.751.8299 to discuss any required Foundation Underpinning needs for your project.

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